Message from the DGS Head

Welcome to Division of General Studies (DGS) at UNIST!

In accordance with the educational mission of UNIST, the Division of General Studies(DGS) is dedicated to cultivating students’ creativity and autonomy. The courses offered by the DGS range from basic mathematics and science subjects (physics, chemistry, biology), to information technology and economics. DGS also offers valuable courses in humanities, social sciences, and arts. With excellent faculty and outstanding support systems, the education of DGS is a liberal arts and science education in the sense that it teaches students how to think about, learn about, and understand all aspect of society and science. In this respect, DGS’ education offers students a great opportunity to grow and learn in their first year at UNIST and ensures students’ readiness for success in upperclass study in their major fields.

The DGS will work closely with students and help them develop their academic strengths in a truly globalized environment. I wish all the freshmen success in their academic life at UNIST.

Thank you.

Sung Pyo Hong, Chair Professor
Head, Division of General Studies